Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dear SAB*)

*sigh* Yes I'm sensitive and had a bad feelings. Yeah see, it isn't just my feelings.
I always hate this part and could never stand this feelings.
But seriously, I don't get it why, have no idea what had happened.
Am I that worse? Did I do something too bad? Sorry, I didn't mean it. Never ever mean to ruin this friendship.
Really wanna talk to you. May I?
I'm just wondering when we will meet up again~
Bout the met, I surely noticed you didn't welcome me warm, thought maybe I should've not come.
I had hoped you'd see my face before you go and that you'd be reminded that for me we aren't over.
All I wanna say is SORRY but I know thousands sorry wouldn't please you. I won't force you to forgive me even though I never wanna being hated by people I love.
Haven't cold yet? I'll wait ☺☺
If you mind, just let me know when the right time is.
But if you don't, just take care there buddy.
Goodluck, my pray always with you sisbro ;)


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